Reviews: DOUBLEK

Captures the spirit of TTGL perfectly

DOUBLE K is a brilliantly over-the-top like it's source. The characterization is spot on, and the dialogue is crisp, witty and fresh. The pages are drawn in it's own style which adds to the series charm. The idea of Kamina and Kittan as buddy cops in an 80's style drama is executed perfectly, the characters do not seem out of place despite there being no mechas (at the moment).

The plot oozes with the same style of an 80's buddy cop drama, but still manages to keep in touch with the themes of TTGL. It starts off humorous and continues to drill forward slowly working in more serious moments while breaking them up with Kamina and Kittan's witty humor.

A Must-read for any fan of TTGL or just someone looking for a funny over-the-top story. Due to it being an AU, DOUBLE K is easy to jump right into even if you haven't watched a single episode of TTGL, though having watched the series will help.