Reviews: Billy The Heretic

The worst webcomic ever made

For a long time, I used to think that Sonichu was the worst webcomic ever made. How wrong I was.

Billy The Heretic is far worse than Sonichu in every single aspect. Both webcomics had horrible and poorly made artwork, and both webcomics have offensive and idiotic content...However, somehow, Billy The Heretic managed to be way more annoying.

At least Sonichu is so bizarre that is slightly interesting in some sort of twisted way. Billy The Heretic is not even that, being just plain terrible in every single aspect: The art is awful (With incredibly ugly and unappealing designs) and the "jokes" (Or better said, rants) are so painfully unfunny that are infuriating. The main character is a spoiled, obnoxious and pretentious brat without any single likeable trait, and yet, the readers are supposed to root for him, even when there isnīt a single reason (good or bad) to do that.

Even if one ignores the blatantly offensive content of this webcomic, it still manages to be something completely unreadeable due the atrocious drawings, the obnoxious main character and the idiotic rants. Reading only one of the strips is bad enough to ruin your day and it could made anyone to lose the faith in humanity. It is that bad.