Reviews: Anti HEROES


This review covers up to comic 220-that is, before Dy Pen takes over (though the story moves fairly quickly, and that alone covers a lot of plot).

An interesting webcomic. The page mentioned that the series was originally created to tell a story, and this makes a difference. The story in question is intended to be unusually dramatic for a 'Dnd misfit party Order of the Stick Ripoff' and full of twists and reveals (the author even admitts in one of his annotations that he's a sucker for dramatic reveals). It's also a little bit darker (both story and artwork wise), but usually manages to be funny too. It managed to keep me interested through my whole archive binge. However, it IS a stick-figure comic. It has its moments, but don't come for the art. Due to its primary appeal lying in the story line (which is, as previously mentioned, FULL of twists [especially right in the beginning]) it's difficult to review it further without spoiling anything. My reccomendation: Give it a look. I would reccommend at least reading until the strips dealing with (now vampiric) Lana deciding to leave her previous teammates before making a decision about the work.

Review by Rita689.