Reviews: The Fanfic Critic

Great show but gets boring at times

Unlike the Fan FICTION Critic, this character reads the entire story to you.

Some of the episodes are really good, but some are just pointless. Some of the fics that she reads are uninteresting and boring like the Super Smash Bros fic which wasn't about the characters at all and was just a whole pile of science mumbo jumbo. Why did Megan think that would be a good idea for an episode?

Just because the characters get bored doesn't mean the audience is not gonna get bored too.

There are some sketches and this show, but the comedy is weak. Megan, like most internet reviewers is not a professional comedy writer and some of the gags are terrible.

The English accent she does for Susan makes Keanu Reeves put Robert Downey Jr to shame. It is TERRIBLE!

"The fhan fhic critac."

Yeah, everytime an American tries to sound English, they sound Aussie.

However, some of the fics she has read are interesting........ in a very shocking way. Some of the fics are quite graphic and just picturing them in your head is just...... ugh, pass the brain bleach!

She has read some fics that she liked such as the Spongebob Christmas party, the Jim Henson fic and the My Little Pony fic that made her cry.

But my favourite episode is "King Of The Hill Episode 1: Peggy's Revenge". I will never look at King Of The Hill the same way again!

Archangel Assassin is also a good co-star. Her reactions in that episode are really funny.

Much like the Fan FICTION Critic, if you're not familiar with the source material for any of the fics, then you'll be confused.

Overall, a good show, but not as good as the Fan FICTION Critic.

Those two should do a crossover together. Also with Diane and Susan.