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the best cartoon reviewer you never seen!
before Rebeltaxi,(the aversion of caustic critic),before Mr Enter,(who i hate),there is the cartoon hero! with great nostalgia comes with great responsibility! when i first saw him, i thought he's an knockoff of nostalgia critic (and what everyone thought of him.) but he is FAR from that! he's less cynical,friendlier and pretty much the first reviewer that is not played as a character. his jokes are usually pop-cultured of what you see from your typical TGWTG reviewers, but hey! it least he shout,scream and makes funny faces!(like angry joe). the REAL shine of the review is how detailed he talks when it comes to cartoons,animes and sometime on video games. he does do actual research!(im talking to you Mr Enter...) and a very well example of a subversion caustic critic. hell, in his Delgo review, he does give a credit for the fight scene and the character design (instead of bitching and whining how godawful the animation is for 10 minutes). the only negative i have is just that he jokes are usually weak (and i could see why,he's not expert of jokes like all of the reviewer TRYING to do but he sure is an expert of cartoon knowledge.)

if you want a aversion cartoon critic that get rid of the caustic critic stereotype; i highly recommended to watch Rebeltaxi's video, BUT if you a detailed reviewer that focus more infos and less on joke, The cartoon hero is no problem. a 8/10.

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