Reviews: The Annoying Orange

This show annoys me!

The title alone implies how little actual comedy this show has. Don't waste your time on this bullshit.

Stupid but I love it anyway

I don't know if it's just nostalgia talking since I used to love the series as a kid, but I still consider it a guilty pleasure. Honestly, I thought some of their earlier stuff was funnier before they essentially sold out with T-shirts, trailer reactions and even full on let's play channels, but even still, I feel it all still has that Daneboe charm.

Orange is still a lovable goof, Pear has always been a lot of fun, not a fan of the toilet humor but it has enough other gags to make up for it.

Also, I don't care what anyone says, I feel the TV series was great. It took what made the web series good and added more characters, more humor and an actual more developed plot. I do consider it a shame it never got a third season.

Although, I do miss a bit of the more adult themes the earlier episodes had. I know it went to pander more to younger kids, but I would like to see it come back (especially considering they have an actual AO kids page, they could bring some of that edge back) at least, maybe another Saw parody, since those episodes were all great.

In short, while I do feel like the quality slipped by a small margin, I still do have a place in my heart for that talking fruit that should have rotted away years ago and I do like to check it out every now and then (Still kind of wish Dane still did things aside from it, though. I miss those old, funny special effects videos)