Reviews: Pro Jared

Lives up to his name

I initially became aware of ProJared on Screw Attack since he was behind some of the more in-depth reviews and funnier shows ('Newsroom' in particular is probably the best show the site ever did.) Like all Screw Attack fans, I was sad when he had to leave the site, but looking back, I think it might have been for the best considering the success he's achieved working on his own.

A lot of reviewers I've seen have trouble trying to balance humour with information, but Jared seems to have naturally found just the right amount of each to put into every review. He has no problem explaining in-depth why certain things don't work, but he's also not afraid to admit when he finds something more fun than you'd expect. He's also one of the few reviewers who uses consistent ratings, and treats scores the way they're meant to be treated - 6/10 and 7/10 aren't treated as condemnations for awful games you should avoid.

His other scores for Pro Reviews, like a bucket of tears out of 10, never fail to make me chuckle, and I guarantee you'll find something to enjoy in at least one of his series. His Nuzlocke run is a blast, his one minute reviews are quick but full of essential information, his Pro Reviews are presented in a manner that's friendly and casual but also professional and sincere, his collaborations with Peanut Butter Gamer are all non-stop hilarity (especially the Chivalry duel,) and even though I can't catch his livestreams often, he's entertaining when I do, interacting with the chat more than other Streamers.

That's why my final rating for this reviewer is... pelvic-thrusting a Hadouken into Slender Man's face out of 10!

(You want a real review score? Fine, 9/10.)