Reviews: Obscurus Lupa

Stands Out From The Crowd

I've watched Lupa since her 50th episode and she's definitely my favourite internet critic. While her early episodes definitely showed potential, it was apparent she hadn't really stook out from the crowd, the jokes were rushed and, to put it kindly, her early videos were rather poor and did not meet their potential. However, by 2011, she had managed to find her own unique voice at the peak of the internet reviewer craze, which must have been a very difficult thing to do, and as a result, has become one of the most consistenly funny and entertaining internet critics out there, not just on TGWTG.

For me personally, what makes her stand out from the other video reviewers out there, and definitely puts her above her above the rest of TGWTG (in my opinion), is her sheer enthusiasm for bad films. Whereas other reviewers like to become rage-induced and very angry at what they review, which becomes very leborious almost instantly for me, Lupa takes things very differently, praising the movie and clearly loving the experience of sitting through such crap. It's not just a refreshing change, but brings the positive message that even a poorly executed product can be entertaining, which in a realm where other reviewers (e.g. The Spoony Experiment) have the view that a product can only be good if it means their (the reviewer's) criteria, is not only refreshing but even a bit inspiring for people going into film.

Not to mention, she comes across outside of the videos as a very nice person, being very kind to her fans and appreciating whenver they give her good feedback or even constructive criticism. This has helped keep her relationship with her fandom very close and respectful, and tends to have little bust-ups with them, and even when she has them, she can ultimately work them out with her.

Here's to more episodes from Lupa in the future!

breath of fresh air

Lupa began with a shoestring camera and an unpolished style. I can't say I was impressed.

As of writing she's a top-tier contributor at TGWTG (faint praise) and one of the best reviewers out there, rivaling Chez Apocolpyse and the Snob, and I fully expect her to thrive on blip. Today I look back on those early reviews and can see the potential. The girl always had style and timing, she just needed to ply her trade. She doesn't have any gimmicks, other than a superpatriotic, dumb-as-bricks MURRICAN she adopts for crossovers.

Most important: She actually has something to say about the genre, and isn't mugging for the camera, rolling out the 'angry' shtick, and self-promoting like most of the hacks at TGWTG, Agony Booth, et al. If she actually gets upset (which is rare), the movie earned it. She's going to be around for along time.


Lupa's style doesn't really appeal to me 'cuz she takes her reviews so...un-seriously, and yet that's what makes me want to watch her. Sure, it gets annoying when she snarks at the smallest, stupidest things, and yet...

Well, for one, she farts. Her farts are probably one of the most inspiring things I have ever heard in the Internet.

My first encounter with her was when I watched a crossover between her and the Nostalgia Chick. And I don't know if it's sexist of me or not, but after a life of NEVER hearing a chick fart, my ears almost popped off when I heard Lupa FART. And then I started to wonder if the rest of her reviews were really as funky and casual like that crossover had implied.

Lupa's reviews contrast a LOT from the other more serious, analytic female reviewers in TGWTG. Yeah, there are the occasional brain games in her reviews, and yet the rest of it is just mindless fun. It's a breath of fresh air.

I don't usually watch her, and I know that if I had a daily dose of her, I will get sick and tired. But when I watch her in small spurts, I am filled with nothing but respect for this woman. She's not afraid to get down and dirty, she's not afraid to look like she's crazy, and she's definitely not afraid to fart.

(okay, so other female reviewers do that too- but I find that Lupa tends to do it in a more pronounced, out-there way.)