Reviews: MLP Analysis

Something Good, Something Bad...

There's a lot of great stuff in the analysis community. There are many people from various walks of life, giving their many cents on the show and its themes. It can be really interesting to see their opinions on episodes, insightful discussions, and anticipations for the future. It's also interesting how their backgrounds factor into their enjoyment and experiences, and how the show affected them. At times, they've even done things that may very well be called heroic.

But the analysts have also made several mistakes. Some have caused unnecessary drama; others exhaustingly harp on about their own frustrations and nitpicks, and some have gone so far as to create severe heartbreak.

Although it's fair to enjoy their content, don't just blindly follow the opinion of one analyst. Check out varying opinions, think carefully and conscientiously for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Don't let them be dictated by others. And remember, this show isn't the Second Coming of Christ; it's just a TV show.

In short, there's plenty to appreciate in this community. Cherish the good, and recognize the bad. Some personal favorites of mine include Josh Scorcher, Silver Quill, The Mysterious Mr. Enter, Antony C, Brawny Buck, HungrySohma, and Officer Trigger Happy.

Funny and inspiring

I LOVE these guys! It's so nice to watch so many of these people review,analyze, and debate about episodes of my favourite show! It makes me want to make my own videos like them! In all seriousness, I really look up to these guys an aspire to be like them. It might seem unrealistic, but I'd really like to join them someday. But if not, I'm cool with just watching. Either way, I love the Brony Analyst Community and I'll continue to support their videos!