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Oh Jim.
Let me start by saying I like Jim. He's a pretty decent journalist, a good barometer for what the "consensus" is in game publishing, and—at his best—an amusing guy to listen to.

I haven't been following Jim from the very start, and I don't know where the Jimqusition bollocks came from. My guess is it's a one-shot joke that's been milked too often, like Dr. Insano. Critics and journalists do not need props. Only AVGN gets away with that, and let's be honest, we only put up with it because he's James Rolfe and invented this style of reviewing, and even his schtick is getting tired. Personally, I view these guys in the same league as Gallagher and Carrot Top. The "joke" (if you can call it a joke, it's not even good satire) of a bratty, foulmouthed game journalist (ironically he looks better in civvies) is groan-worthy and at cross-purposes with Jim's goal of representing casual gamers. It's a dead horse, it marginlizes him, and he doesn't do it very well.

Anyway, soapbox aside. I remain a Jimqusition fan because at his core, I believe the angry critic nonsense is a ploy to get noticed, and that he's actually a worthwhile and insightful voice.
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