Reviews: I Hate Everything

Great at first, but rapidly getting old.

I Hate Everything, or Alex Bolton, can mainly be described as the British version of Canadian comedian Adam Buckley. Like Buckley, Alex is cynical, sardonic and harsh, and both of them love to tear apart aspects of popular culture. However, there's an unfortunate difference between the two. Whereas Buckley's work includes many still very funny videos and took quite a while to go downhill, Alex is running dry of ideas much quicker, and while his I Hate Everything channel contains a lot of content, a rather large chunk of it is lousy, disposable and, worst of all, not funny.

First, I'll congratulate Alex for having the guts to express his dislike of so many different trends, websites and fandoms. Alex knows the exact things wrong with the modern age. He's aware of how humans are getting stupider by the day and how popular culture is getting increasingly shallow and worthless. Like Buckley, Alex is outspoken and acerbic, and a lot of his earlier videos are actually really interesting, funny and raise a lot of good points about the modern world.

So, what's the problem I have with Alex's content, and why is his channel not really worth checking out anymore? To put it simply, a huge amount of repetition. At first, IHE was able to present a pretty decent range of enjoyable material, but now, he merely makes the same videos over and over. His main "I hate" videos are getting predictable. His "Comment Comebacks" are now tedious, with very few original jokes left to be made about the dumb comments on his videos. His "Search For The Worst" has become a snore-fest as he continues to blandly nitpick bad movies, with little to say about them (his "Trying To Watch" side-series is even blander). Even his voice has become repetitive, and has over time changed in a really bad way. In his early videos, his voice was subtle, snarky and straightforward, imbued with cunning and confidence. Now, he sounds perpetually grouchy, arrogant and depressed. Combine his current voice with his monotonous, constantly-recycled recent content, and you've got a YouTube channel that is pretty difficult for me to recommend.

Alex Bolton had the potential to go far. But by sacrificing the fundamental components that made his early videos great and replacing them with empty, apathetic misery, his videos have become tiresome, unrewarding, and a burden to endure.