Reviews: How To Basic

How To Basic: Be scared. Be very scared.

I'll admit. I liked the channel originally. But, I had to give up when he made the videos where he effectively sodomises perfectly usable chicken carcasses. People pull the 'He doesn't waste food at all' line, but secretly, we all know he does.

Now, he has devolved to destroying objects and breaking the things that he needs to live normally, such as his heaters and countless other appliances. This suggests a lust for power and authority, which is one of the hallmark traits of a serial killer - damaging objects which can't react or fight back.

This man needs therapy, not a podium.

A candidate for the worst YouTube channel ever

How To Basic is a YouTube channel starring a strange Australian man with an unhealthy obsession for eggs and making a mess. His videos deceive You Tubers into believing they're going to get actual how-to videos, but then they are given bizarre and often disgusting displays of deliberate failure instead.

I admit that I found HTB funny for a short while last year. I really think that some of his earlier videos were clever because most of them actually started like legitimate how-to videos, gradually becoming weirder and weirder, thus making the viewer laugh in the process. I never outright loved HTB, but I understood why people found him funny, and occasionally I actually found some of his content amusing, like when he puts an entire block of cheese in a blender when trying to make a cheesecake, or when he "rides" a toy horse and then attaches a rubber glove udder onto it to make it into a cow.

But nowadays, his videos are simply atrocious. HTB has gone from "hopelessly dumb klutz failing at everyday tasks" to "mentally ill food fetishist who desperately wants attention". Now, instead of starting like ordinary how-to videos, his videos instantly show off his deranged personality. And because he has Flanderized his personality, his videos have become far, far more disgusting and disturbing, and now they are simply crass and unfunny. He now pees on food, pretends a sausage is a penis, plays with uncooked meat like it's a toy, rubs food all over himself sexually and inserts images of creepy things into the video for no reason. He's also far more violent and/or messy with the food he's using, and it's so painfully repetitive now that it makes me wonder how this guy isn't bored of what he does.

But if that isn't bad enough, his fans are honestly some of the worst I have ever seen. HTB's fans adore everything he makes regardless of its humour value, and if you dare say his videos are gross or wasteful they'll just mock you sarcastically. To the fans, HTB is as funny as he ever was, but not to me. All I see now as a man making no effort, just acting like a brainless madman in each video because it gets views and likes automatically. He recycles the same foods, situations and crass sexual jokes over and over again, and now I have to say that his channel is one of the worst around today. Sheer tasteless idiocy aimed at YouTube's worst users.