Reviews: History Of Power Rangers

The First one that got me to go back

Linkara's History of Power Rangers is a well reasoned, if not opinionated evaluation of seasons of power rangers going from start to finish. Due to sheer Bulk, I wasn't nearly as interested in watching the zordon era when it came on. However, this review is a unique kind of review in that it actually inspired me to go back and watch a series from start to finish. The first one that got me to go back to the beginning. That review was for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

His review on Lost Galaxy was the first time he stepped outside his comfort zone, with it being beyond his own memories and into more neutral grounds. While done full recap, it does take time to point out not only production and arc problems, but continuity to other ideas past. While the voice can sometimes feel a bit draining without clips to break it up from time to time, the overall effect makes the video series fun and informative to watch. His letting the "death" of Kendrix play out particularly was funny and sad for how he showed his shocked reaction and let the atmosphere of the scene speak for itself.

However, the best part of the video series was actually in the recap at the end. Consider it a kind of cliff notes recap of the season, looking at the characters that did or didn't work overall. What really peaked my interest was his discussion on how this series presented us with villains who had more heroic qualities to them. Villains who knew honor, loyalty, care for family and valor.

In the end, this aspect along with an epic looking finale actually inspired me to take up watching Lost Galaxy for myself. While there were certainly filler episodes to slog through, the overall effect was that the review acted as a gateway to a pretty great children's series. Thanks Linkara.

HOPR retrospective season 1 review

So when I saw that someone from Channel Awesome, was going to do a retrospective of Power Rangers I thought oooh interesting. Although I stopped watching the show shortly before it moved to ABC Kids this was my childhood so I was intrigued.

The video opens with a rather cool tribute to all 17 seasons (at the time) of the show to the original Power Ranger theme. Sadly that's about the best thing about the video. Linkara then goes on to describe the plot of the first episode and the premise of the season introducing each Ranger and then introducing as he puts "the real stars of the show" Bulk and Skull. I thought Bulk and Skull were more annoying than anything, though they had their moments, but it his review and to each their own. I'm not entirely sure why he thought their subplots were more interesting than what's going on with the Rangers when most of the time in season 1 they didn't HAVE subplots. But when he gets to Tommy then I had to roll my eyes. Referring to it as "the smartest damn thing the show ever did." He does know that half the show is footage from Japan, right? It wasn't some creative bout of writing, Saban Entertainment was working with the footage from the show they were adapting that introduced a 6th Ranger. He then goes on to call it a brilliant move from a marketing perspective to write the Green Ranger out so he wouldn't be overexposed. Again that's from limited footage of the Green Ranger being available in Japan, not because of the American adapters wanted to not over expose him.. What in the Sam Hill is he even talking about? He mentions the Japanese company providing the show with exclusive footage just for Power Rangers so he knows it's not a completely American product.

One of the more amusing antecedents of his review was suggesting a magic vs technology being present in the show. Which is interesting but doesn't really make much sense when the Rangers own powers are based in magic and their mentor is a wizard.

I'm aware that that the video series is quite popular, but it's really not good. Most of what Linkara has to say is pretty dumb and a lot of overthinking an incredibly simple television series.

Good Enough to Convince Me to Rewatch Power Rangers

When I was a kid, I was the biggest Power Ranger fan, even to the point where long after other kids had figured out how cheesy it was, I was still completely hooked. Inevitably, I discovered this to, and shunned away the series, despite fond memories of Time Force. Then I tried watching Lewis Lovhaug's History of Power Rangers, and he actually convinced me to try it again. If that doesn't stand as a testament to not only the quality of his videos, but the work he puts into them, I don't know what does. Power Rangers was one of the last things I thought I would ever watch again, and after seeing this series, I went through and watched every episode from 'Day of the Dumpster' to the end of Lightspeed Rescue (Yes, I seriously sat through EVERY episode of Turbo). I still have yet to start Time Force again, but when I finally have the time (pun not intended), I'm going to get right back on track and finish the whole show. And it's all because some internet reviewer managed to show me everything that was truly fun about Power Rangers.