Reviews: Everyman HYBRID

Everyman Hybrid

Pros: I'd say Everyman Hybrid has the most likeable and interesting characters out of the Slenderman videos I've seen. From the beginning, they feel completely real. I do appreciate how this lot of characters act more light-hearted. It feels realistic to me. My friends and I would be the type to crack jokes to relieve the tension and paranoia. I honestly think that sometimes the guys in Marble Hornets seem to be reading off a script and don't always feel like real people. The EMH cast never seem like their acting.

I feel that the scenes with the Rake are the best in the series. The way they filmed the Rake felt awfully real. Like you'd actually find something like that in your closet or shed. The Rake feels like it'd really exist in the real world. Out of all of the monsters in the Slendy series', I'd say the Rake and the Observer from Tribe Twelve to be the most interesting.

I like the implications that Slendy may not be as threatening as we think. Slendy doesn't seem like the bad guy in this series which is a fresh and interesting take on things. For example, in Damsel's tumblr when HABIT takes over, the little girl, Nick and the father whose family's killed describe seeing Slendy and him giving them a strange sort've comfort. Of course, I could be reading this incorrectly but I think's it'd be an interesting path to take.

Cons: Honestly, the series is very confusing, much more then other Slendy series' I've seen. I don't like how if you don't click a certain video from another channel or read a tweet or tumblr post, you've missed out on important information. It's just a bit of a headache jumping between it all, trying to put everything in chronological order.

My biggest pet peeve is HABIT. Seeing him person was disappointing to me. He was a very sterotypical wise-cracking psycho. To be honest this was the one time I thought to myself this was an actor pretending to be someone else, instead of feeling like it was a real entity. HABIT doesn't ring true like the Rake or Slendy. In hindsight, I felt the implication that he inHABITed some of the more horrific serial killers on Damsel's tumblr to be a bit silly as well. Like it was being forced down our throats that he was EVIL. I feel like HABIT has fallen victim to the Show Don't Tell rule. We're told he's scary, but just doesn't feel like he is.

Not Bad!

Everyman HYBRID is a series with great characters and a lot of love put into its creation. However it takes a long time for things to get interesting and the story can be VERY hard to follow.

Pro - I feel like HYBRID's best offering is how dynamic the story is. I've yet to see the other Slender series, but Marble Hornets pretty rigidly sticks to its formula of 'Walk around. Camera on ground. WoahSlenderman/Masky!!' (Nothing against MH of course, I love it). HYBRID though has a number of different scare types. They also introduce a variety of videography approaches which keeps the viewer on their toes. Hell I found the first scare in HYBRID (Healthy Eating) to be more satisfying than almost all of MH's. The other strength of HYBRID is the characters. There's a healthy cast of charming and enjoyable characters. The great characters mean that all this scariness has an even greater effect because the viewer is emotionally involved. The series definitely has a flavor all its own and, as one viewer noted, it has a lot of heart.

Con - The series is very hard to follow. It spans a number of blogs and video accounts so unless you have a guide you're going to miss vital plot elements. To a point I felt that this approach enriched the experience, but referring to a guide to follow the story is a total pain. Maybe instead they could have made the supplementary material less necessary? The technical quality of the early videos is less than stellar. It gets better, but in the beginning the video quality is pretty bad. As for audio I frequently found myself turning the volume to full and still not hearing the characters. And then they introduce piercing ear rapes. Some of the scares fall flat due to Special Effects Failure, but it's easy to see what they were going for and give them the credit.

Bottom line - With great characters, unique story, and occasionally brilliant presentation this series deserves your consideration. However be prepared for a story that is hard to follow (find the guide on the main page) and takes a while to fire up (think 6 or 7 videos in). The video quality is crummy for a while, but what the series does with the mythos and the way it is presented is unique and enjoyable. Give it a shot. Especially if you found Marble Hornets boring or slow.

Good for what it is

Everyman HYBRID has been my introduction (not counting this wiki) to The Slender Man Mythos, and I've enjoyed watching it. The premise is that a group of friends film a series of self-help exercise and fitness tapes, and soon a fake Slender Man starts popping up in the background (a parody of Marble Hornets). About five episodes in, though, it becomes clear that not every sighting of Slendy is their fake, and soon the exercise angle is dropped as the three friends turn the series into an investigation of the strange goings-on. More sightings, disappearances, and murders follow. EMH is supplemented by Can You See The Words, a blog originally maintained by a minor character (who gets promoted to main character) and later hijacked by a menacing character called HABIT, who is shaping up to be the real Big Bad, not the Slender Man.

For an amateur web series shot on home video, Everyman HYBRID is pretty decent. On the negative side, the stars are clearly not used to acting, the special effects are pretty bad, and the scares rarely left me feeling scared. Most damningly, the series is spread over several You Tube channels, the aforementioned blog, two Twitter feeds, and various document files that explain the backstory; the main video series often references things that appeared only in supplemental material, making it very hard to follow without the official timeline.

What saves Everyman HYBRID and makes it worth watching is that it is clearly a labor of love by a group of close friends. Everyone has good chemistry and you start to really care about the cast of characters. Though rarely frightening, it's very atmospheric; the show has a definite "feel" to it that makes it more than just kids filming crap with a camcorder. I admire the attention to detail and world-building the cast have put into their work.

Final verdict: Everyman HYBRID isn't easy to follow, but it's worth it if you stick to it.

Everyman HYBRID

Everyman HYBRID is an ARG based off The Slender Man Mythos. It's considered by some to be an "heir" to Marble Hornets. It starts off simple. Vince, Evan, and Jeff are making a series of fitness videos. However, it appears that a certain thin man in a suit has taken an interest in them. Initially, it appears that Everyman HYBRID is just a poor imitation of Marble Hornets. Slendy appears in the background of the first few entries, but they come off as narm. This is mostly due to the fact He is pretty obvious, including two feet behind them. Eventually, a clever twist is revealed: Apparently. in-universe, the HYBRID crew were making their own Slender Man series, which were the first few entries. But then the real Slender Man showed up, and the series grows the beard.

As a horror series, it doesn't do much for me. I found very little of it scary (By comparision, I found Marble Hornets to be terrifying). There are some pretty scary moments from time to time. "Joke's Over", "Cops Checked, No Body", and "Alex" stood out in terms of Nightmare Fuel. In addition, the plot is spread out over You Tube, Twitter, and a couple of blogs and forums, making it rather hard to follow at times. The actual plot itself is also complicated. In addition to Slender Man, another internet urban legend, The Rake, is stalking Jeff's brother. Another nefarious character, HABIT, has also made his presence known. How they all connect is yet to be seen.

Everyman HYBRID's real success comes from it's characters. Unlike the usually silent protagonist of Marble Hornets, we see and hear a lot from Vince, Evan, and Jeff. Their character traits have been well established. Vince is trying to remain rational in the face of a Cosmic Horror. Evan is slowly going Ax Crazy. Jeff is rather upset at the disappearance of his girlfriend Jessa, who has heavily implied to have been kidnapped by Slender Man

All in all, it's a rather unique take on the mythos. More character-driven than horror-driven, combined with a rather confusing plot. Still, check it out.