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A whole new version of DBZ... and it's awesome!
When this show started, it looked just like a parody with funny jokes from time to time, but Team Four Star evolved, and created their own style.

The characters are great, because their personalities manage to combine three things at the same time: parody, novelty, and nostalgia. Goku, for example, is still the Idiot Hero who loves to fight and eat, yet some aspects of his character are much more developed: he is a neglectful dad and REALLY dumb, but still fairly likable because he is an adult with the mind of a child who doesn’t know better, and despite his antics, he can still be a hero when needed to be.

The same is done with most of the characters. Vegeta is an arrogant, angry and massive Jerk Ass, but still badass. Krillin is an eternal Butt Monkey doing his best to catch up. Piccolo is a violent Large Ham with Hidden Depths. Gohan is a nerdy adorkable kid with daddy issues. All these traits are played for laughs, and turn the original awesome yet flat characters of the manga into a mix of comedy and awesome. Other characters are completely reinvented, such as Nappa (a Psychotic Man Child) Dende (a Creepy Child) and the Guru (a Large Ham Jerk Ass).

The voices? Excellent. If the English dubbing cast from the original series praised their work, this HAS to mean Team Four Stars are doing great. Special mention goes to Lanipator (Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin) and LittleKuriboh, who does an awesome job as the hilariously cruel Frieza.

With all its Running Gags, Brick Jokes, cultural references and overall crazy humor, DBZA is by far one of the funniest web series of the moment. What I love the most about it is that, while most abridged series are simply parodies that make fun of the original, Team Four Stars seldom do so. They do point out lots of plot holes, but they do so cleverly and still make us appreciate how awesome this show is. In fact, they completely rewrite the show! They change the dialogues not only to make fun of it, but to give the characters the colors they lacked in the original. Even the fights are improved by the dialogues, which is something since this is Dragon Ball.

To sum up, this isn’t a mere parody. This is a whole new version of one of our favorite shows, different and similar to the original in good ways. I love it, and I deeply hope they’ll go at least till the end of the Cell Saga. Go Team Four Stars! You’re awesome!

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