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It's everything you need, but never asked for
Bro Team Pill is a game reviewing series that adopts the idiom of a hyperactive, mysogynistic, homophobic, racist, man child, or rather, a "bro". Sounds terrible? It isn't. The whole thing is done with a tongue buried firmly in the cheek (which totally makes it okay).

The series is a satirical take on the 4chan-esque, juvenile gamer, and it could not be more on the nose. Games are discussed less in terms of stories, and purely in terms of gratification. It is like listening to a pure, undiluted Id. And it is god damn hilarious. Refuge In Audacity and vulgarity abound, and the Bro Team get away with it every time.

That isn't to say it is purely a comedy show either. There is a review, with actual critical remarks being made for or against the game. But instead of coming out and saying what's wrong, Bro Team express their complaints through a kind of sarcastic reverse pyschology, coinciding with ingame footage of the offending issue. "SEWER LEVEL!", the review screams in orgasmic delight, as yet another bland game interior flashes onto the screen, "At least there's a fucking SEWER LEVEL!!". The point is made through a combination of precision editing and deranged hyperbole, and it makes for an astonishingly efficient review that manages to be funny, whilst getting straight to the meat of the issue in split second timing.

In short, you won't find a reviewer quite like it. That this sort of thing can be said of a brand new internet reviewer, in this day and age, is quite astonishing.
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