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Wereworld Rise of the Wolf
I found this book sandwiched between several copies of The Twilight Saga in a bookstore. At first it seems a little slow with Drew moping about how different he and his twin brother are and how uncertain he feels that something is stalking him and the house. Then after the first two chapters it becomes a roller-coaster ride with pitched battles between both beast and man as Drew discovers he has the ability to transform and how he struggles to control it. The world setting is awesome with thick forests, perilous seas and steamy swamps. The characters are quite well fleshed out especially the two main characters of Drew and Hector. The book has some interesting villains as well, who do what villains are supposed to do and quite often a little to well: SCARE THE FREAKIN' SHIT OUTTA YOU!! That said, the book has quite a few violent scenes involving torture and the fights have gory descriptions as well. This makes for a very dark atmosphere that while not depressing to the reader does make you wonder how Drew can actually survive in this universe lycanthropy not withstanding. It does have funny moments to lighten the mood but these are few and far in between. This book is a must-read for every Fantasy fan who is sick to death of Vampire romances and want something that is hardcore High Fantasy. For a Debut Novel, Curtis Jobling has done an amazing job and it is destined to be a treasured tome in every young boy's bookshelf
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