Reviews: Unshelved

Clerical Aid

I'm not a page OR a librarian, and as such I am a bitter and marginalized Unshelved fan. Okay, so not really. The series is hysterical to me partially because I DO work at a library, and know how much of it is true, and partially because it's hysterical. Doreen is badass.

Also, yes, I have yet to find a library employee who hasn't heard of it.

Also, the repetition deal? Maybe. I haven't noticed it, though the reviewer above me did have an example, the second one had something to do with an error in the archive, I think. There might be a case for repetition, but on the whole it's original and entertaining.

Though I occasionally feel the need to describe it as "Dilbert in a library."


I am not a librarian. I don't know any, though my ex-girlfriend is one. I do like this, mostly. It veers inexplicably between hilariously original and "Garfield" (more obvious on an Archive Binge) but I populated my Amazon wish list from the Sunday strips. That said, also more obvious from an archive binge is the amount of repetition. Those are only some of them, there are lots more examples