Reviews: Sonichu

Oh Dear God No.

Warning: Some Spoilers, but not really.

Sonichu is, hands down, the worst webcomic ever made. That is a fact. A fact I plan to prove in this review.

The plot starts on Issue 5, which is, what, six long, grating issues in. Great. Apparently, Christian Weston Chandler's sister/possible clone is imprisoned in the Dark Mirror Hole by Mary Lee Walsh, but never mind that, because Chris cares more about his shitty Love Quest than actually making this comic enjoyable. At one point, the "heroes" commit genocide on homosexuals, kill hundreds upon hundreds of people, simply for being Trolls, and put four people in a show-trial for the murder of a blatant ripoff of someone else's fancharacter, as well as for making Asperchu, a parody of Sonichu, find them guilty using faulty evidence, and then proceed to brutally torture and kill them.

The characters are as bland as possible, with most of their character traits being merely glossed over in the CWCkipedia and then never being used in the actual story.

The art is horrible. Where do I begin? It's drawn with markers and crayons, traces from other sources, and overall looks lazy and unfinished, with a majority of the panels in the comic having no backgrounds. It's pretty much everything you could possibly do bad in drawing a comic, and then some.

The story also steals from multiple sources, most obviously Sonic and Pokémon, but also Excel♥Saga, Transformers, Power Rangers, and so much more. If I went through the whole list, we'd be here all day.

Overall, this is as bad as it gets. It's not even funny; reading this shit hurts me. Do not read this shit unless you are prepared for the horror that awaits you.