Reviews: Magick Chicks

It Makes Sense in Context.. in Webcomic Form

There really is no easy way to adequately describe Magick Chicks, especially in only 400 words or less, but I'm gonna try anyway.

What we have here, is an ongoing Urban Fantasy Spin-Off from Eerie Cuties. So, if you like that one, you're bound to love this one. It's essentially a genre mashup blending, slice-of-life, highschool hi-jinks, comedy, action, and drama... with a side of fanservice. So if you expect Chaste Teens, or celibate heroines, consider yourselves warned:

These teenagers act like teenagers. Meaning, they date and yes, they have sex. Off-panel, of course. You usually won't see much more than a heavy makeout scene (if that) and partial nudity. But, in keeping with its PG-13 rating, all naughty bits are cleverly hidden from view.

If you can deal with that, there's plenty to like, from the animesque art style, by Gisele Lagace and Cassandra Wedeking, an empowered cast of characters - including: witches, espers, and badass normals - and the occasional crossovers with its parent series. For those of you wondering if you need to read both comics to fully understand Magick Chicks, the answer is "no". You can read it on its own and still get it. Though you'll get more out of it, if you do.

That said, the real draw of the series, are the compelling mysteries that drive its plot. There's the mystery that surrounds Melissa's true nature, you'll want to know about the wand in her possession, and the enigmatic girl, who has a habit of appearing in other people's dreams, or their subconsciousness, and occasionally, in person - among others. All of which has spawned theories, speculation, and WMG'ing among its readership.

Oh, and our heroines have to keep the fact that they're a trio of witches under wraps, since they're attending a school for monster hunters in training. Including an overeager blonde dingbat, you'll grow to love and an uber-powered esper, who puts the "smug" in Smug Super, who's one of the comic's most divisive characters.

If you're looking for a new webcomic to read, give this one a try. It's Better Than It Sounds. Really.