Reviews: There She Is

Watch it for the animation

Don't get me wrong, There She Is is marvelous from a technical standpoint; the animation is crisp, the art has that subtle blend of cartoon-style and hand-drawn art that provides a right touch of whimsicality to the tale, and the five songs that make up the bulk of the audio are deeply atmospheric. But the story is a bit of a let-down; it seems that with every episode, the story just gets tackier and less interesting. Just watch:

1 - One ordinary cat-guy flees in terror from a love-crazy bunny-girl in a series of disjointed sequences and psychedelic backgrounds. Just like Fantasia.

2 - A chivalrous cat-guy tries to deliver a cake to his oblivious, overly-romantic bunny-girlfriend but the world seems bent on thwarting his efforts. Something like Looney Tunes.

3 - An embarrassed cat-guy takes his enthusiastic bunny-girlfriend on an ordinary date. A typical Slice Of Life cartoon.

4 - The cruel, shallow-minded society destroys the cat-guy's and bunny-girl's romance and makes them both miserable. A Crapsack World multiplied by Diabolus Ex Machina.

5 - The cat-guy forgets about his own problems and rescues his bunny-girlfriend with the power of love and teamwork. Reminded me of Power Rangers.

Cerebus Syndrome just swallowed the whole story up, and I'm afraid the heartwarming was warded off by the fact that nothing is new here. The story is practically the bread and butter of every furry webcomic in existence. Just be friends with benefits! Move to Norway! Deny outright romance while still maintaining the masquerade! There's nothing new here.

But... as I said, it's very well done for a Flash cartoon series, and that's the reason you should watch it. If you tear up as a result, then good for you. There are a lot more poorly-done works of art that could illicit the same reaction, and if you're going to desensitized to The Power Of Love, you may as well do it here.

And there you have it

There she is! is a work of art. The animation is well done, the music fits the mood in each episode, and Nabi is fleshed out rather well for a character in a series where no one speaks a single word. The story appears to drop into Cerebus Syndrome, but then climbs back out for a happy ending. In my opinion, you can't really have a happy ending if the world's already perfect. The dawn's always brightest if you stay up through the night. The series may seem a bit Glurge to some, but speaking as a teenage male, I enjoyed it thoroughly. And I'll probably enjoy it many more times to come (as long as I can resist the temptation to rewatch it until I burn out on it)

I recommend it!

There is a very cute series with a lot of potential in this, yes there is. And none of it was wasted. At first, it seems like another run-of-the-mill cute animals story, but there's so, so much more than that.

Everything about it is amazing. The story is strong, and keeps getting stronger. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn An Aesop... but it's so well done that the Aesop is as far from Anvilicious as it can be. The animation is a little shaky in the first one, but by the end it's so amazing it makes you wonder why these guys aren't animating for TV yet. The soundtrack is also nice, with melodic introductions for a few of the episodes and catchy K-pop for the bulk. The last one even has subtitles in three languages, English, Spanish, and Japanese, depending on where you hover the mouse.

All and all, it's amazing. If you like cute animals, K-pop, and surprisingly moving stories, I highly recommend this series. Seriously, what have you got to lose anyway? A half an hour?