Reviews: Neko Sugar Girls

Why does everyone say "Come the third episode, it becomes clear this is a parody."?

Because, let's be honest: It's pretty clear from the first episode alone.

The animations and character designs are so hilariously abominable that you instantly (and instinctively) know that something here is just wrong. They're so wrong, in fact, you could mute the video and just watch the animation and it'd be still a blast.

But the voice acting (if you can even call it that) transforms this deranged monstrosity into some kind of Fanime masterpiece. It's pretty clear the creators gave it their all, as in: They didn't just simply "phone it in", it's more like an exercise in approaching the ideal limit of hilariously bad voice acting. And they succeded spectacularly. In addition, the sound mixing is absolutely abysmal which just "enhances" the entire experience.

If nothing else, listen to the credits song and then just try to tell me this wasn't made by some troll as a sick joke.

So, yeah. This is a wonderful Troll Fic from beginning to end, and you can appreciate it for being a Troll Fic right from the start even without having been told that it's a Troll Fic. Those are the best Troll Fics there is: The ones that're painful from the first minute BUT IN A GOOD AND TOTALLY NOT PAINFUL WAY. (Does this comparison make any sense? Probably not, but whatever.)

Give it a watch. It'll blow your mind.

This series is pain.

Greetings and salutations, my name is Mortrialus, you can call me Mort. I am also the creator of the series's Tv Tropes and the biggest contributor. The only way to review this series is to describe my experience watching it. My online friends and I watch videos on the internet all the time, movies, tv shows, viral videos, and things like that. One late night my friend gave me a link and said "If you're hardcore, watch this". I was not prepared.

What I watched was a horrible, confusing abomination of anime tropes and horrible animation and voice acting. This show wasn't just bad, it literally hurt me physically and mentally. I'm not even joking about that. It pained me to even comprehend that this show exists. As a big fan of anime, it just made it worse to me that someone could actually miss the point of most anime and just replace is with cute(Read HIDEOUS) meandering and nonsense.

In my mental stupor after the first episode, I literally had to drink the pain away. I went for the booze and prepared myself. The second episode was no better. My friend was apparently enjoying my suffering. The third episode seemed to shed some light on the fact that it was, infact, a parody.

I am still unable to decide which is worse; That someone is just this bad at writing, or that someone would intentionally create this abomination to inflict the pain on me that it had.

If you're hardcore, watch this.


I donīt see why this gets so much hate. I mean, it is clearly obvious from the beginning that this was badly done on purpose as a parody of Fanime series, mocking the most blatant flaws of such kind of works: Bad or non-existent animation, poor artwork, horrible voice acting, the sickly-sweet characters and the melodramatic plot (Flaws that even some actual anime series have)

As a parody, this is simply brilliant and hilarious, being one of the funniest things I have seen in my entire life.

Most awesome troll work evevr

I honestly don't know why people don't realise this is a troll's work. Frankly, episode 3 pretty much clears all doubts.

With that in mind, this is a really epic piece of work. Third episode onwards, it's a non-stop train of hilarity. The animation failures, the voice acting (Raku is very obviously meant to coney the hilarity of the high pitched insanity of anime), the jokes...

A thoughtfully intriguing series, better than anything on television.

The series, though sadly short, is a masterpiece in all its glory. It blends several common anime tropes to create a work that is not only familiar to the average anime fan, but fresh and an acceptable break from many others of the same genre. It is a remarkable fusion of drama and comedy, all in all worth every second of your time. First, we have the two titular characters, Raku and Koneko, finishing a delicious meal of ice cream. This is heavily implied in the subtext to be a metaphor for the end of the sweet innocence of childhood. However, Raku takes a moment to regard the recent memories, a symbol of her unwillingness to mature psychologically, and is naively eager to return home. Koneko is considerably more mature and soft-spoken than her companion, and acts as the straight man in times of desperation. They leave the metaphorical mochi ice cream shop behind, homeward bound. This represents womanhood, and the walk home is the difficulty of puberty, specifically the pressure it puts on one as childish as Koneko. On this path they meet the third character, Hitoshi. His smug demeanor, red eyes, and bizarre sexual preferences (in later episodes) suggest that he is a rapist archetype. He stops the catgirls in their journey, and permanently skews Raku's maturation, causing her to lust over him. Koneko, through her own willpower, resisted the ungodly influences she faced on the path home, and continues to show Raku, who is beyond recovery, her undying support. However, her intentions are far more sinister tan they appear. Over the course of the series, Raku becomes increasingly immature, Hitoshi becomes a sex-crazed maniac, even to the point of obsessing over his rapist (who may be a metaphorical figure from his childhood that drove him down this dark path), and Koneko becomes and stoic, manipulative character who is intent on using the people around her. Neko Sugar Girls includes a rare GOOD usage of the lazy, overused descent into the dark and gritty. By illustrating the transition of the characters from mildly insecure to clinically insane, it provides a thought-provoking interpretation of the horrors of human nature.