Reviews: Eddsworld

A very funny and imaginative series of shorts

It's rare that cartoon series' these days are Made to be funny without either being ridiculously clean or raunchy, but Eddsworld manages to make me laugh to this day without either of these. The jokes are often timed well and done well, and the shows use of profanity and extreme violence is used sparingly and to a good effect. It reminds me of the good old days of cartoons, ones that I enjoyed in my childhood, but with a slightly more mature flavor to it. Even still, the humor is not only similar to the humor of many of the great cartoons Ive come to enjoy (surrealism, character archetypes) but its surprisingly well done and manages to stay funny without feeling unoriginal, having to reference something else or simply done in poor taste. WT Future and Hammer and Fail are two of my personal favorites, but most of Eddsworld's cartoons (especially the more recent ones, the improvement in art and voice acting is very noticeable) can be counted on for a few laughs and simple but charming characters that you just don't get from cartoons any more. Eddsworld was and still is the work of a great artist. And the comics are pretty silly too, though they rely more on Pun usage.

Unfortunately Edd Gould lost his fight with leukemia, which was utterly tragic. However, his friends have hoped to continue where he left off, and the show still has a future ahead of it. Will it stay as inventive and enjoyable? That remains to be fully seen. However, Space Face Part 2 looks to be an indicator of more good things to come.

I would definitely recommend watching the series, at least the past 3 years worth of toons and maybe checking out the comics. Edd may be gone, but he left quite a legacy, and hopefully that continues.