Reviews: Dungeon Dynamite

Dungeon Dynamite: Is it good?

The short answer? Absolutely.

The long answer?

Episode 1 did a fantastic job of fleshing out the direction the series would be heading in while also giving the impression that there was a seemingly endless amount of lore and backstory to be discovered in later episodes. Its use of video game logic was a nice detail and a reminder of who its creator, Crazy Boris Productions, is, as before Dungeon Dynamite was created he primarily did fan animations for all manner of video games. Episodes 2 and 3 both provided exactly what Episode 1 called for, introducing the villains as well as some potential allies for the protagonists, and shaping the characters bit by bit. And all the while, there is no shortage of humor. Given the other videos on his channel, this is not surprising in the least, and it is something he does best. While only 3 episodes have been released as I pen this review, I can already recommend it to anyone who wants a good comedy/action series. It's off a phonomenal start, and Boris definitely has the ability to keep it that way.