Reviews: Plumbers Dont Wear Ties

They had to have known it was bad

This game... wow. Without a doubt, it's absolutely terrible. But to me it falls into So Bad Its Good territory. All the absolutely horrible cut scenes, the Big Lipped Alligator Moments, the horrible breaking the fourth wall... In fact, I have a reason to believe this was actually supposed to be bad. Like, they knew it was terrible. It seems like it was just an inside joke with the developers. Which again begs the question: how did this get published?

Take your damn clothes off!

Now this game is odd. Yes, it's utterly terrible in so many ways. Yet, it's so terrible it's hilarious. While it certainly is not much of a game, considering eventually there's only one choice that moves the story onward, it is still absolutely hilarious. Mainly for just the ridiculous filters, the laughable script and acting, etc. They LEFT A FUCKING OUTTAKE IN THIS.

Really, if one plays this game (on Youtube. Yes. You COULD buy a 3D0 and the game, or download a 3DO emulator ad a ROM, but it's so much easier to 'play' on Youtube.), don't expect a work of art - but allow yourself to laugh at the sheer nonsense you will witness.

The only question I have did this game ever get published?