Reviews: Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi

The Anime- Brutal Disapointment

The visual novel was fairly good, poor as my translations were, and it was more or less what was to be expected of your standard harem comedy fare.

The anime had its good points, with the first eleven episodes equally sharing screen-time (or at least close) for the girls. Enter episode 12, where Ui x Kazuma is shoved down the viewers throat. Out of all the girls, he suddenly is fixated on Ui (note that so far in the series, he treated her like he did the rest of his harem girls.) Yes, Ui. The Gluttonous Bro-con. He seemed to fit much, much better with the other girls, Ibuki and Sakai in particular (YMMV) but Ui wins out on the idea of First Girl Wins, and nothing more. This anime series has finally put me off Anime Harem Comedies, as it (combined with Infinite Stratos) has convinced me that they all inevitably end up with First Girl Wins. The first eleven episodes had me hanging, as I desperately hoped that one of the others would win. He had less tease with Ui than the other girls, whom I all liked as characters. Enter the last episode, which I stopped watching after Kazuma had a breakdown and started screaming he loved Ui.

On the plus side, Ayumu is cute. Thats all the anime has going for it.

Quite Good

Please note this is the Visual Novel review, not the Anime review

First thought was simple. Oh great, another school life harem visual novel. Second thought was slightly less simple. Now they're delaying it? Who do they think they are? Final thought when I got it - I LOVE FENG!

Quite good, in all honesty, though a bit clichéd. It'll be better if they actually translate it into English, so I can actually understand it better.