Reviews: H 2 O Footprints In The Sand

There are Better Anime Out There Than This

H20: Footprints In the Sand is one of those anime that could have been really good, but instead is really below average. It had plenty of interesting elements.However, I feel as if the product isn't all great when compared to other anime of its kind.

One of the complaints I have about this anime lies with its tone and mood. The anime is pretty confused about what it wants to be. Does it want to be a comedy or does it want to a drama? Some anime have done one or the other, and some have done both. H20 is one of those anime that succeeds in neither. The comedy is pretty hit-or-miss (mostly miss) and the drama feels forced, especially in certain scenes. I felt really uncomfortable watching the show flip between comedy and drama. It didn't do it very well at all.

Another problem I have with the anime are the characters. The characters are pretty bland and not very deep. I honestly didn't care much about them by the end of the series and I felt as if they were a collection of stereotypes. It was pretty hard to get attached to them. I felt like a piece of wood would be more relatable than these people.

The art is another problem I have with the show. I really thought was not that great. It didn't make itself stand out, It's not horrible, but it's nothing to write home about. It's so painfully average.

Overall, I really didn't care for this anime. It wasn't all that good to me. I found myself wanting to be done with this anime quickly so I could watch something else. I personally can't recommend Footprints In the Sand. It's a below average anime that does nothing special and is ultimately forgettable