Reviews: Dream Daddy

Hilarious And Cheesy

Shortly after watching just some gameplay of this game, I knew I had to play it myself. It seemed so cheesy with its lines and banter between Amanda and her father alone, I knew the rest of the game was likely gonna be the same.

And it is. If you find puns groanworthy and have a love-hate relationship with 'dad jokes', this game is a goldmine for you. Frequently, I notice that I just stop for a few seconds and just laugh at the lines or jokes in the game.

The voice acting is minimal and most of the music is pretty forgettable, except for the title screen music. Which is simple, but will get stuck in your ear for a long time and you will like listening to it.

The routes are okay. If you focus on only one dad, the game is incredibly short. An hour, I'd say, since each 'route' for a guy will really only consist of 3 dates and the epilogue. And every dad has a good or bad ending, with some being rather easy or more difficult to achieve a happy ending with. Although for some of the routes, you better know some facts about alternative music or literature because those will pop up.

Something else that pops up are minigames. Putting a grotesque back together, MacGyvering a radio to get it to work; making your way through a crowded bar or smashing your character's hands on a keyboard... there is something for almost every route. I would say these are the downparts of the game. The minigames are not all that fun or interesting.

Overall, if you don't want to get the game yourself, at least watch a Let's Play of the game for a good round of chuckle-worthy laughter.