Reviews: Dramatical Murder

A pleasant surprise

At first, i was a bit distraught with this title, due to the artstyle, visuals, and Electronic Music. It felt too far from other Nitro+Chiral titles. Heck, i even thought that this game is N+C's attempt to Follow the 'Sonico Formula'. But i played it anyway. And this game truly satisfied me.

So, let's get to the plot first. Unfortunately, DMMD followed the same Formula as other N+C games, especially Togainu no Chi. The Rhyme/Rib thingy are too similar to Igura. Not to mention the setting feels like a Cyberpunk update of Lamento. Also sweet pool contributed the 'sickly' thing. However the character routes are where everything goes interesting (still, the scrap thingy reminded me of Inception though). The twists are interesting, and the endings are satisfactory. Overall, a greatly recycled aspect, but still a bit fresh.

Characters - This is one of this game's main selling points. The characters are really well-made, three-dimensional, and totally likeable. The characters made everything better, and it is a greatly-shining aspect. Not to mention the great voice-acting and designs!

Art - Holy damn i REALLY love this part! The artstyle is really simple and minimal, but it has the 'maximum-detailed' feel and is truly an Eye-candy! The retro visual designs (logos, colors) are really great too! Also some designs and color-palletes reminded me of wipEout (but i love it for that). Might be a turn-off if retro isn't your thing.

Music - if Electronic Music is your thing, then you will like it. I love it, and since then GOATBED became my new obsession :>. The vocal tracks - Yes. Just Yes. Whether it's Itou Kanako or VERTEUX that you love———you will love them.

Overall it was a surprising experience. I give it a 8/10 Highly recommended to BL Fans, N+C/Nitro+ aficionados.