Reviews: Ace Attorney

All in all a very good series.

My father practices law, and I've always wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer myself. And such I am very scrutinizing about the law. So when I first heard of Ace Attorney and its gameplay was described to me, I was all "What the hell is up with this?"

I have long since changed my mind.

Ace Attorney is a fascinating series. The gameplay, contrary to my expectation, is quite original and very well-thought out. The characters are very natural, very fleshed-out, and they seem like the type you would see in everyday life (except for some, of course). The courtroom scenes, while a little whacked, are fun and adorable. The plotlines tie up very well (save for some at the end of AJ, but I'm not spoiling anyone), and each case is new and interesting, well-thought out with twists. All in all, the games in general are wonderful.

The only problems I seem to have is that the courtroom scenes can get pretty boring at times, and the games expect you to know these random details (Cars in the UK drive on the OTHER side and the doors are switched, anyone?) and that when you meet somebody and they testify in court, you already KNOW it was them,, which takes all most fun out of it. But in my opinion, these are double-edged swords. While minor flaws, they are still good in their own way and help add to the unique feel of the series.

All in all? Ace Attorney is an addictive gem with a wacky, lovable cast of characters, and unique, entertaining gameplay. A good break from all those serious RP Gs that's totally worth it.

If you haven't played it, go buy it. Now.