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An exciting tactical game with significant but forgivable flaws
Valkyria chronicles is fun to play, rewarding you for coordinating foot units with tanks and learning to use your soldier classes and their special abilities. The squad roster gives you loads of interesting characters, whose stat buffs and ailments interact with the environment and each other. The only problem is that since you need to select the same squad leaders each time if you want maximum action points, I felt less able to experiment with character lineups than I wanted to. The game has to be played a certain way that isn't necessarily intuitive if you want to avoid frustration, so you should look up class leveling, the tech tree, and tactical tips. Cash and XP are awarded based only on how few turns you complete the objective in, which rewards you for being quick and efficient but can encourage some bizarre strategies. Unfortunately the system is not as good for boss fights as for battles, with the Batomys and Selvaria's last stand being my only favorites.

The plot concerns the evils caused by war, genocide, and the rewriting of history by the victors, with Welkin and Alicia sharing the role of Love Interest and Deuteragonist as they try to realize their dream for a better world. The setting and main characters have a sweet and idealistic quality, and they get many nice sub plots. Conversely, governments and armies on both sides are depicted as being mostly corrupt or evil. This does create some moral ambiguity about how to work within the system to protect the innocent, but the contrast between the virtuous citizen militia and General Damon's corrupt army feels a tad Anvilicious. The Gallian militia's equal-opportunity ass-kicking is quite refreshing, although the actual story line sadly undercuts this sometimes by using the Hysterical Woman trope. My main story investment was rooting for the official couple and my favorite squad members. Unfortunately, as the action rises, some main characters pick up the Idiot Ball in order to move the plot along. Additionally, the Aesop that the protagonists shouldn't rely on the Valkyria's power seems broken, since they could never have stopped the Empire's dastardly plans without it and more lives probably would have been saved if they had used it more. Even so, the plot wrapped itself up reasonably well.

One the whole, I find Valkyria Chronicles fun and enjoyable enough to recommend.
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