Reviews: Total War

Leave your risk board at the door 4 out of 5

This is a great game series. If you like risk then you will love this series of games, if your into RTS(did I get me geekanise right?) get one of these games. If you're not interested in shoot em ups get one of these games. If you don't care get one and see how you like them. Strong begging I know but this series got me interested in video games.(Along with my level 3 access nerd card.) This really is a good series but it does come short on some parts. There is a limited time period they can reasonably deal with thats good on the engine. I dont think they could ever go past at least WW2. Its not designed for air fights and static warfare.(News flash I know WW2 was better geared for this engine and not static but WW1 is what I would like to see and THAT was static.) They also express disdain for going back for 3rds. Rome 2 total war debut on Sept 3 2013 and while that is an awesome game there is a big question as to what next they have covered from the Roman Empire to Fuedal Japan/ Europe to almost renacance units in the late game to the age of colonies. The most recent being Napoleons rise to power. That doesn't leave a lot of room for new era's. Also total war can be hard on your pc so tread carefully. The total war franchise thoufh is a solid series and is worth the anguish. Also I know people have different computers and some do better than others but, as a general rule, is harder on your computer than other games. Still the great gameplay that will keep you up for hours hope your ready for all nighters! Dinal count 4 out of 5.