Reviews: Star Fox 64

A perfect game, in every way that matters

Lylat wars (or, Star Fox 64) is a game that, while not overlooked as such, Is still consistently often put below masterpieces like Ocarina of time or Earthbound, even though it is on the same level. This is both because of the shortness of the game and due to Star fox's lower popularity as a series.

But I'm here to correct things.

This is one of my favourite games ever, but putting that aside, it is objectively and mechanically excellent. The controls are spot on, the level design is fantastic, the high score and alternate path system gives the game great replay value, and the dialogue is some of the most hilarious and quotable ever seen in gaming. The graphics also hold up extremely well today, especially if you play the enhanced 3DS remake.

I can't count the amount of times I've played this game. Those who debunk it due to "linearity" (newsflash: this is not a criticism. non linearity and linearity are DESIGN CHOICES, not markers of quality) have the wrong idea. This game's linearity is EXACTLY why it works. Why it's so addictive. And ultimately why it's good. It's also short and has no save system, other than high scores. Gamers nowadays do not even know what true replay value is apparently. A.K.A replaying the game, and providing players incentive and reasons to replay it. This game is a paragon of replay value.

Unfortunately, the Star fox franchise would hit some hard times when Adventures (aka Dinosaur planet) came out, but this game is why I love the series as a whole.

Basically, play this game. Now. And if you already have, try and find any real flaws in it. AND FAIL! MWAHAHAHAHA. ahem. anyway.

Did I mention the dialogue is brilliant and hilarious?