Reviews: Pirate 101

Amazingly fun

Pirate101 is what I consider to be the best MMO I have ever played. The pacing is fantastic, starting out simple enough for anyone to grasp and slowly introducing more and more mechanics to the point where battles are entirely different than they were before, and yet the player only notices in hindsight. Sure, it's stumbled here and there (Vaporware book 15 update still yet to be released as for writing this, convoluted third currency no one wanted, unneeded nerfs to some companions) but it's still very fun. Another thing to note is the fantastic story. While it gets retconned often when updating old parts of the story, it's still extremely interesting. It blends with Wizard101's story very well and is very engaging. The writer (Blind Mew) even answers story-related questions on the forums, which have added a couple Word of God contributions. All in all, I rate it 8.5/10. Kings Isle, please release book 15 so we can receive some hope for Half-Life 3.