Reviews: Mount And Blade

I Love It

I finally found it — a game that combines the RPG and RTS genres together. As someone who always wanted to see if this combination could work, I'm happy to announce that it does.

FLAWS: There's little real voice acting. The graphics were sub-par even at the time of its release, let alone today (I played it on PS4; it could pass as a PS2 game). The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard. There aren't enough quests in the smaller towns (your odds of finding one are — and I'm being perfectly serious here — less than 5%). The game is meant for P Cs, not consoles — it doesn't work too well with a controller.

PROS: Get ready to embark on a journey that will take you clear across a massive continent (it's not an open-world game though; you just interact with a map, and the actual gameplay takes place in much smaller areas). Raise and maintain an army that can reach hundreds of soldiers apiece. Take part in sieges that will add new lands to your fledgling kingdom, or defend your strongholds against attackers. Forge alliances (or break them; the choice is yours). Build your character the way you want. Find new allies who can use special abilities, and welcome them into your army. Fight on foot or on horseback, using a bow or melee weapon — it's your choice. Bring massive armies together for some of the largest, most epic battles you'll ever see in a video game.

Yes, it has its flaws. But none of them are deal-breakers. It's just an amazing game. 8.5/10.