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More like Kirby's Epic Fail.
I consider myself a fan of Kirby. In terms of quanitiy, I haven't played many of his games - only Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Adventure, and my favourite when I was younger, Kirby Super Star/Ultra. Whenever somebody mentions Kirby turned into yarn, I feel like crying. Kirby's Epic Yarn is absolutley pathetic. First off, there is no real way to "die" in this game. Instead, getting hit causes you to drop valuables. But other than that, this means that you can breeze through every single level without any fear of That One Level ever. It's like the game was designed for babies. Granted, Kirby was intended to be an easier game aimed for younger kids, but at least in Dream Land, you could die, and the game beared some challenge, such as in the final boss battle. Epic Yarn takes the easy nature of Kirby Up to Eleven. Kirby does not have his ability to fly in the air, or suck up his enemies to get their powers. It's difficult to call it a Kirby game when his two main abilities are gone. And, once again, I'm aware that Dream Land didn't give Kirby the power to copy enemies' abilities, but that game had an excuse not to. The idea of a world in yarn is not even utilized to its full potential here. The gameplay still feels like a generic Kirby game, despite the aforementioned absenses, with the few innovations that do utilize yarn still aren't very satisfying at all. And on top of that, we have a weak story, a tacked on multiplayer feature and an awful soundtrack. The fact that they made at least three more Kirby games after this makes me cringe. Where I once appreciated Kirby for being cute and fun, I now moan in agony at its existance. Just do yourself a favour, do not pick up this game if you have any respect for Kirby. What a shame that Nintendo have ruined another franchise for everyone.
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