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Final Fantasy Tactics — save early, save often
This is the first Nintendo Hard game I've played that was not only difficult, but cruel. The enemies in the game level up as fast as you do, and the AI takes advantage of every opportunity it gets. If you're not careful about how you deploy, what healing abilities you bring to the battle, and how you move, your characters can die even in the easiest areas. Not just faint, but DIE. If they faint and you can't heal them before the timer runs out, they're DEAD. They've PASSED ON. They CEASE TO BE. They are EXTINCT. They EXPIRE AND GO TO MEET THEIR MAKER. They are an EX-CHARACTER. All that hard work you put into leveling up and learning abilities is GONE. Even if you grab your dead character's soul crystal, you can only gain a few of their abilities.

If you're not careful about playing this game, it will give you a punch straight to the solar plexus.

Sometimes even if you are careful, if the luck-based missions are any indication.

And yet I keep coming back to it.

With that in mind, the game reminds me of an abusive boyfriend.

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