Reviews: Bully

My Thoughts on Bully

I played Bully and its remastered on PS2 and PS3 in my late teens. I liked the actual plot: a new kid comes to a new school and tries to turn things around for the better. That is the only thing I like about the game. The music is so loud that it sometimes takes over the actual voice acting. The graphics are OK for its PS2 version, but it needed to have more of an upgrade when the "remastered" version came out. The Scholarship Edition should have been saved until sometime this year for the PS4 and XBOX-One that way more things could have been approved on, such as graphics and audio. I'm not particularly hoping for a sequel, it's been ten years and if a sequel comes out now, the only way it'll work is if Jimmy's in college and runs into Gary again. The one thing I absolutely hate about this game is the Nerds. I know everybody's (besides Petey, Beatrice, and Lola) supposed to be a Jerkass but the Nerds are the worst. Jimmy helps them out the most throughout the game, but they are the first to betray him. The final boss—Gary—is the weakest boss in the game, which bothers me since my first boss was Russell. If I gave this game a rating, it would be 4/10 because the plot is good, but the final game sucks.