Reviews: Vexx

A game with series potential buried by time

Vexx was one of those games that; had it been in the hands of the right developer, probably would have been a lot more successful than it is today. It had a working plot, an awesome main character and an incredible least it seemed that way during its development. I recall playing this as one of the first games I owned for the original Xbox back when I was 7 and fairly recent nostalgia attacks from several months ago caused me to look into this game again. What perplexed me was that almost 11 years past its development, hardly anyone has heard of this game. Nobody I asked seemed to have even heard of this game's existence, and when I bothered to do the research online I could see why. Vexx wasn't a bad game; not by any means, but its poor execution lead to being buried in an indefinite if not permanent state of obscurity. To start with Vexx was a game that had way too many things taken out of its development that should have remained in the final product (at least that's what they call the final product although it's frankly anything but.) The game was originally supposed to have blood for those mild gorn fanatics, and there was supposed to be a fast-paced fun multiplayer. All this along with several levels were scrapped due to the fact that Acclaim was going bankrupt and the final result shows with sub-par textures and repetitive enemies that half the time don't have any reason to be there. I will point out the good things though, such as the fantastic soundtrack and plenty of challenging missions for those who love a good challenge. Every trick in the platforming book is pulled out, allowing Vexx to do almost anything in terms of platforming. Finally I will point out that nothing is more rewarding than pummeling the living crap out of one of Yabu's Shadowguards with your own power gauntlets of awesome. There's a lot that could be said about this game, so I'll leave with a final note. The game wasn't bad, but it had a lot of potential that was wasted due to poor circumstances. Could this game have been better had more been added? I suppose due to the game's obscurity and no sign of Throwback Entertainment doing anything with Vexx...the world may never know.