Reviews: Until Dawn

Why Should I Save These People Again?

For a game that talks about the Butterfly Effect and how every action can lead to a different story in the game, it certainly doesn't hold what it promises. Most of the scenes only get mildly altered, depending on previous choices. Even the deaths of the characters don't alter much. It's not like the game ends abruptly because you chose an option during an earlier event.

The plot is separated into two halves, with neither of them feeling connected. A true connection only comes, if the player manages to find all the totems in the game; and even then, the connection is somewhat flimsy.

My main problem with the game is, though... that I have absolutely no drive to save any of these people. All of them are Jerkasses. Now, some of them are minor forms of Jerkass-ness, but it doesn't change the fact that every character encountered in the game is unlikeable. In fact, I believe the only person in the game that is somewhat tolerable is Beth.

Even when saving all of them, there is no real satisfaction from doing so. The game ends on a very low note, with the Stinger adding a very depressing note. I've seen the game at new, full-price and its used price. Even the used price is much too large for such a... weak game.