Reviews: Two Worlds

A Delightfully Bad Game

To clarify, this is for Two Worlds 1, not Two Worlds 2. But as the title might hint at, I find this game So Bad Its Good, even though there are more flaws in this game than in any one game I have ever played.

The plot of the game is simply this: Your sister gets kidnapped and you have to save her from the people who plan to use her magic powers to resurrect an evil god. The plot kind goes as one might think it does, blandness and all.

Besides the story, this game just has a huge problems that should just make this a terrible game. These include: 1) A frame-rate that drops consistently even when put on the lowest graphical setting, 2) Okay to just bad voice acting in Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe:, 3) A combat system where melee is the only viable option, 4) The clunky way the game has you obtain skills, you actually have to find a person to teach you the skill, which can work, but not in an such an vast game world as this, and finally 5) The lack of a second world in the game, unless the developers were thinking of the small underground tunnel system. There are other problems besides these, but the ones listed are some of the most glaring and troublesome the game contains. Along with all the different quests you find while traveling the world,the game can feel as big as Just Cause 2 or Daggerfall without all the acres of empty space.

Despite all these rather grating qualities within the game, I find it rather enjoyable for a few reasons. One is the fact that the voice acting is so bad, it can sometimes get into some narmy areas, lending a bit of narm charm to the game. Probably the biggest contributing factor that makes me love the game in spite of all the flaws listed is just the sheer size of the game. The way the fast travel system is set up, you need to go to a teleport you found and there you can choose from any number of teleports you have found and activated. Because of this, you usually have to walk or ride a horse all over the place, which may artificially expand the game world, but there is a lot of places and people to meet all over the world, so it never feels truly empty.

Overall a technically terrible game, but certain qualities within the game make for a possibly fun game, though YMMV.