Reviews: The Room The Game

The Room Flash Game is pretty good.

It closely follows the movie's plot (if there is one), fixes up plenty of plot holes, and is generally fun.

My only complaint is how annoying it is to get certain medals. Especially the Destroyer medal, which you'd think would be pretty obvious, but it might be glitched.

If you're a fan of the movie, or even just the Nostalgia Critic and Obscurus Lupa reviews, play this game. It's free, huh?

EDIT: Because a comment pointed this out. Unlike those who think this movie is So Bad Its Good, I think it's just boring as a movie, but the game is Better Than Canon. It's nice for fans to like the movie and go MST on it, but I just think it's boring by itself.

Except for that breast cancer line that goes nowhere. That just ticked me off.