Reviews: Tenchu

  • Wulf
  • 16th Jul 09
  • 0

Shadow Assassins— Tenchu In Name Only

It probably would have been a good game if it weren't called Tenchu. This is specifically for the PSP version, though the Wii one should be similar.

I saw on Gamefaqs that there were two Tenchus for PSP— Time of the Assassins, which got scores between 5 and 8, and this one, Shadow Assassins, that got 8s to 10s. I bought Shadow Assassins, thinking that it would be the better game.

Now I know why it got higher scores than the other— It's not really Tenchu, and other people like that.

Graphics- 6/10

The graphics look somewhere between late PS 1 games and early PS 2 games. They're not horribly blocky, they're just not very detailed. Part of that's because it's on PSP, but there are other games with much better ones.

Gameplay- 4/10

This is my single greatest problem with the game. It's nothing like any of the other Tenchu games. It's still a stealth-based game about ninja, but the combat system just feels wrong. Now, in the other ones, stealth was still key, but if you got spotted, you could defend yourself. This one takes that away. You're not given any weapons unless you find them. When you get spotted, if you have a sword, you do a minigame to try and defend yourself by moving the analog nub in the correct position to block then move it like crazy. If you block wrong, you either take damage, or damage your sword. Sword breaks, you lose. Get spotted without a sword, you Ninja Log your way back to the last door you opened. Get spotted twice without a sword, game over. This playstyle would have probably worked if it weren't in a Tenchu game, but this just feels like Acquire was told "Make a game about ninja using these characters" without being told anything about the rest of the series.

Plot- 7/10

The plot was alright, as far as I got into it anyway. Rikimaru gets betrayed around the second level and has to try and find out why. I didn't get far enough to see this resolved, because I didn't like the gameplay.

Sound- 6/10

Nothing too bad, nothing too memorable.

I'm probably being too hard on this game because I was expecting something like Tenchu 2, or Wrath of Heaven. If you're not a fan of the series, or like the series but wishe they changed something up once in awhile, you might still like this. If you're expecting something like the rest of the series, look elsewhere.