Reviews: Talesofthe Abyss

Great Tales Of Game, But With Flaws

I originally got this game for the PS2 because I kept hearing of people saying that Abyss was the best Tales of game at the time. And I was, fortunately, not disappointed.

The story is actually rather heavy, focusing on the meaning of one's birth, how everyone had a right to it - it felt a bit more realistic in dealing with that, compared to Symphonia, which sounded a bit hypocritical at times when talking about this. Though the story can become a tad too dark at times as well, particularly toward the end of the 2nd Arc.

The characters are lovely. I cannot think of any one in the party I do not like - except, maybe, for Tear. That might be because she feels like a Mary Sue to me... But I absolutely love Luke, even in the beginning, when he's a Jerkass or later, when he's developed into a better person. He is a wonderful main character, who goes through an arc practically the entire game. After one gets past the somewhat long 'introduction' phase that feels like it takes up majority of the 1st Arc, before one reaches Akzeruth.

Game-length is great, the story isn't too long and there are a good chunk of sidequests to fulfill to prolong the game if one wants.

Unfortunately, the game suffers from a few things. The 3rd Arc of the game, while short, is not very interestingly executed. What happens is interesting, but majority of it is simply cutscene after cutscene, with you having to backtrack to various places you've already been to.

Finally, the Romantic Plot Tumor of Luke and Tear is obnoxious. Despite playing the game several times by now, I still never saw their romance as one that would work out in the long run, the player is repeatedly forced to interact with Tear to continue the plot (similar to Yuna) and, as the game proceeds, it just gets more and more obvious with shoving those two into my face in romantic scenes that lack romance, as they act nothing but awkward around each other. And moments of Did I Just Say That Out Loud? does not make it more appealing to me, only more awkward.

The 3DS port was decent, though I feel like the touch screen was not implemented well to take over the duty of the R3 Stick. I found it clunky to have to remove my hand to tap the touch screen, particularly during battles.