Reviews: Syndicate

Surprisingly Good

Oh look, Syndicate. Probably some Call of Duty clone with a two weapon limit, iron sights and contemporary weapons. The campaign is probably some six hour snooze fest of shooting down corridors against nondescript baddies meant to prepare us for that multiplayer and...

What's this? Boss fights? What's this? Colorful environments? A campaign that's a decent length? Weapons that are fun to use? Gameplay variation using a unique gameplay mechanic? A story with a resolution that's actually satisfying? The hell?

Syndicate is actually really good as far as FPS reboots go. The story is "It's the future, life sucks," and you are an agent for Euro Corp. You are implanted with a high tech microchip that allows you to hack or "breach" electronic devices and enemies. The DART 6 system is probably the best part of the game as it allows you to troll your enemies and troll them hard. You can make their guns explode, make them explode, or make them turn on each other. You also get a thing called the DART Overlay which highlights enemies and slows down time. The weapons are jolly entertaining, despite running the usual pistol, hand cannon, battle rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, etc. You can almost feel the recoil traveling up your arm as you mow down corporate security, and in addition to the standard array (who each have a alt-fire mode) you get some future weapons to play with, like a Gauss gun with homing bullets, a sniper rifle that shoots through walls, and my personal favorite, the Death Ray laser. Boss fights are thankfull more than just the one guy who ate more Wheaties than everyone else: you've go the super speed ninja, the rocket jumping missile launching dude, a guy with wolverine healing factor, and Iron Man. The voice work is amazing, especially with Brian Cox as the douchey CEO guy, and some raspy voiced mofo who does the voice of your comically evil sidekick, who has since become my favorite video game psycho ever.

Syndicate is a good game. It may not set the world on fire, but it's definitely worth the rental.