Reviews: Super Smash Bros

Ryochi's Super Smash Bros 4 review (Or: why smash 4 is the worst smash game I have ever played competitively)

This is a review on the competitive side of Smash 4. Casually I recommend it, even though its flawed.

Competitively, sigh, I'd rather play Melee and Brawl. I'm not one of those Melee fanboys who rave on and on about their precious game, I am just someone who expected a good game that can work competitively...and was disappointed.

My biggest problem with Smash 4 is the over rewarding defensive playstyles. With EVERY character. The ridiculous amount of landing lag cancels aren't helping either and some attacks just flat out have no lag (Ex: Mario's Up-smash, most down smashes in this game). I have never seen so many defensive Sonics, Foxes, and hell even Shieks in a few For Glory sessions (these characters aren't even supposed to be defensive). Thanks to this modification, I constantly have to switch to high-tiers like Diddy and Sonic and even then its hard.

You could say "Oh you just need to learn how to punish correctly." Oh really? With the ONE SECOND of lag that rolling has? I'm not joking, it is literally one second (either that or significantly lower than previous games). This causes people to dodge two attacks at once and make them hard to even touch (not impossible) sometimes. This isn't even getting into camping (ridiculous in this game) or how staying close to the ledge is more rewarding than actually fighting on the stage (I could elaborate if you guys ask), and the jabs (again just ask)

And the blast zones! Another thing that outright ruins the game for me sometimes. I remember this one instance where I backaired Mario with toon link offstage TWICE when he was 100% (I was at a high percentage too so I had rage on) and he didn't even die. Costing me the match cause I fell off (You could say that I went too deep, but that's completely disregarding how unnecessarily huge the blast zones are). A friend of mine also told me that he was still alive at 200% with Jigglypuff, the lightest character in the game.

Overall, I feel that this game, from a competitive standpoint, is a mess. Especially compared to previous games. Far too defensive for me to say I'm even having fun, and far too many questionable mechanics for me to take it seriously on a competitive level.

Unless the new patches fix things, I am not going to say that this is better than Melee or even Brawl competitively.

Crippling Overspecialization: The Game

Well, the newest smash bros games have finally come, and as many will say, they are great, there's lot of fun to Smash mode that's it...i won't deny that the vs is fine, combat is more fluid, and there seems that a lot of twitching was done to characters in the transition from brawl to wii u/3ds, and there were some patches to make the game more balanced...during a while anyway, but after you see past the Smash mode, you notice that the game is just lacking. Even as you start the game, you notice the almost lack of interest in giving it a good presentation, 3ds has no intro, and wii u only has a compilation of the trailers; the main menus are even blatant with it, giving smash a giant sign to call your atention while all other modes that are part of the franchise, even the ones just as old (classic for example) are thrown to an alternate section. The customization feature was poorly made, the equipment is just pointless, and it takes a really limited aproach to how it changes the stats for the characters. Classic mode also took a hit, it's just so-so in 3ds, but the wii u version becomes insulting since it just throws all the oponents it can in any stage, it doesn't matters if the characters fit the theme of the stage, is just a matter of shoving the "you can have 8 fighters at same time" in your face. The stage selection also seems to have taken an step down from the previous instalments, they come in 3 flavors: 1- blatant advertisement of the latest game in the series for that console (ex: arena ferox in 3ds despite not being that different of colosseum in wii u just to remind everyone of Fire Emblem: Awakening) 2- overly redundant (both pyrosphere and norfair in wii u even tough both are heat themed metroid stages), and 3- lack of representation to the series of the characters already there (ROB came in Brawl and still has NO stage based on one of it's games in neither version) and sometimes overlaps (wii u has 3 tloz stages, none of them for any of toon link games, while having skyloft and keep eldin bridge even tough both can represent 3rd person zelda games). And finally, there's the 2 new "modes" for the games, in 3ds, Smash Run seemed like a good idea, but the random final battle can become imposible depending on your character and picked up stats, and smash tour is just too random, making it a bad pseudo-mario party

Super Smash Bros Brawl: The Subspace Emissary

This Massive Multiplayer Crossover beat-em-up is the epitome of They Wasted A Perfectly Good Plot. How? Take a bunch of famous, iconic characters and stick them in a game together. Now make the story have almost nothing to do with any of the individual characters' established canon, give most of the characters limited, inconsequential roles in the grand scheme of things, design a bunch of generic stages that again have little to do with the individual characters' universes, even only including Mooks from one of the universes, and you have The Subspace Emissary in a nutshell.

SSE is an ambitious idea on paper that doesn't quite work well in practice due to Masahiro Sakurai's specific style of game design, thus leading to it more resembling a Kirby game with a Super Smash Bros cover. Since the Kirby series' strengths lie primarily with the bosses while SSE emphasizes stages, the latter gets somewhat repetitive. A rather grating issue is that only the Super Mario Bros series gets Mook representation. Even Melee's Adventure mode had ReDeads and Octoroks. In addition, the mode has a cutscene-to-gameplay ratio comparable to that of most JRPG's, which slows down the pacing considering this is an action-oriented mode, although fortunately they can be skipped.

To the mode's credit, the character interactions are amusing, even if the pairings seem random and arbitrary. It's particularly impressive how they are portrayed even without spoken dialogue, such as Pokemon Trainer and Lucas. In addition, the Gotta Catch Em All aspect of the Trophy Stand is well-implemented and adds some nice replay value. As stated, the bosses are a strength of the Kirby series, and this carries through here, with the Boss Battles mode being about as fun as The Arena from Kirby Super Star, even though the original bosses tend to overshadow the crossover bosses in terms of challenge.

Overall, The Subspace Emissary could have benefitted from being a joint effort by various developers as opposed to having one designer handle the project. As it stands now, it's a Massive Multiplayer Crossover that doesn't do the individual characters justice, as the plot and gameplay seems to be able to exist without most of them.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl does not disappoint

Super Smash Bros. is a fun game series. I have played the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and the Wii version.

Melee was loads of fun, but Brawl took that Up to Eleven. Better characters, better levels, better graphics, better everything!

Super Smash Bros. Melee was too difficult, especially for a little boy like me. I was pulverized by every opponent I came across. In Brawl, at least I have a better fighting chance. One minor thing to casual gamers that I favored alot was the return of a handful of old Pokemon from the first game, such as Meowth. Speaking of Pokemon, it makes me upset that Mewtwo is gone.

However, if you're newer to Smash Bros. and you're not into the hardcore aspect (like me), then this game is perfect for you.