Reviews: Super Mario Bros 3

A game that stands up to the test of time

Classics might be timeless, but that does not mean they will always be number 1. If Ocarina Of Time stayed number 1, than it shows that we are clearly not learning from the few mistakes it did make. If we listened to nothing but classical music, than we would all be a bunch of boring people. If we don't give a chance to stuff that improve on the original, or establish something completely different, the bar would never be raised again. Although SMB 3 does show some signs of aging, it's still very fun to play, and a game that many people would enjoy.

The story is still predictable as usual(albeit somewhat different). The kings of the 7 worlds been kidnapped, and it's up to Mario to save them. I still wonder how 2 plumbers are the most powerful characters in a world of fire breathing turtles, gigantic desert worms, and ghosts but, whatever. Surely enough, in world 8, Peach gets kidnapped and it is up to Mario and Luigi to save her, once again. Now you do not play Mario games for their deep plots and moving narrative(except the RP Gs), you play them for their whimsical style,power ups, and fun gameplay. But this is the game that refined what has been established in SMB in several ways. For example, you now have much more control over your jump, which means less falling over bottomless pits. Also it was the first game to decide that the other power ups would give you an extra hit, meaning if you have one of the power ups,you won't turn into small Mario instantly, you would be returned to Super Mario. The level design still holds up to this day, and no two levels look the same. Graphically, it was a huge step forward from Mario 1, and Mario 2. I mean, compare the sprite of Mario from SMB, and you could see a huge difference in 3. Mario did not look like a mexican immigrant worker anymore, but the fat plumber that we all have come to love. The power ups are also, in my opinion, some of the best power ups ever. Ranging from the standard broccoli and truffles, to the Tanooki suit, Raccoon suit, Frog suit, Hammer Bros. Suit, P-Wing, and who could forget the Kuriboh's shoe. The music is also catchy, and you will find yourself humming them more often than not.

This game is, to many people, is the Magnum Opus of the Mario series. I agree with the fact that it is one of the best, i do not think it is. But for what it's worth, it's fun,plain and simple.