Reviews: Story Of Seasons

Absolutely Fun, But One Major Flaw

The game has several improvements over the previous installment, the first being an improved and slightly darker color-theme that is a bit easier on the eyes, compared to the bright-and-light colors from A New Beginning.

The town is much bigger now, with a larger variety of locations to forage things and even the townspeople, including love interests, are much more entertaining than previously. Said love interests have their own ups and downs, of course, and Kamil and Licorice, two favorites from Tales of Two Towns, are back as marriageable cameos.

As fun as the game is with its new crops to grow; the fact that you can create your own clothing now and not just giving the items to someone to make clothes for you; as well as more festivals and things to unlock, I have one big complaint about the game.

It quickly turns into a Grind Fest. Minor monotony in this type of game is to be expected, you are basically working on a farm, but this game increases that problem. The player can unlock a total of 7 Vendors to do business with, but the last two do not just require a large amount of money to have been shipped - which is easy enough in itself, as you quickly make more money than you realize. The problem comes in them wanting a certain amount of other items to be shipped, before they deign to come to Oak Tree Town.

15.000 dishes. 10.000 processed goods and 15.000 in terms of typical products off your farm: crops; flowers; fruits; etc. Just to name a few of the conditions. That takes a while to create and ship.

And even the general creation of items has become a grind. In A New Beginning, you got a Maker and put your item in, getting your new product in a few seconds.

Not so here. In order to create simply some seeds from your product, you need to dry the crop for approx. 20 in-game minutes. Then thresh it for another approx. 10 in-game minutes, so you can have seeds. Milk needs to be turned into cheese, then be put onto a shelf to ripe for 7 in-game hours. Clothes creation? The wool gets turned into Yarn. Which then gets dyed for an in-game hour, at least. Then you turn that dyed yarn into cloth. Then you can sew the clothes, which requires at least 24 in-game hours.

Everything has become a test of patience and grinding. And it really makes it difficult to keep going for a long time in this game, as the monotony of the already somewhat grinding aspect of the game is amplified and really put into the spotlight. It's still a very fun game in general. Just go at this game with a lot of patience and time on your hands.

My thoughts

It's a vast improvement over A new beginning, in that you don't have to build the entire town from the ground up, and it isn't nearly as much of a slow burn. and battling your rivals in competitions is fun.