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You won't actually be doing much standing still. On the plus side, there's ice-cream.
Standstill Girl is an enjoyable RPG and the gameplay fits well with what you'd expect of RPG maker games. Some notable elements of the gameplay style include EC (Emotion Crystals) which operate similarly to gameplay mechanisms like mana orbs, Collectable skills and items and a turn-based combat system.

It's a small game, 2-4 hours playtime, with few dungeons but there is quite a bit of grinding. It's tedious but no more than you would expect from a game of this genre. The character sprites and models are well-crafted with an adorably simplified art-style. The music matches the game but doesn't ultimately stand out and It's a nice little game to knock off the list in your free time. The story is atmospheric, revolving more around cryptic hints and character-interaction but pulls together as a cohesive story with real emotional investment.

In short: 4/5. This should have more reviews but hopefully the presence of this one might goad more people into playing it and leaving some... hint hint, nudge nudge.
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