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Review for Splatterhouse
Maybe playing this game as a child is why I'm so messed up. This is still the most disturbing, effed up game I've played. It's one of those games you never forget. I was so estatic when I heard about the remake. However, I have started worrying if it will be anything like the original. Many remakes nowadays tend to do that. This is a game too good to have that happen to it. I also hope it keeps the original music, as it was very good especially for that time. The ending theme is hauntingly beautiful, yet heartbreaking. The graphics were also superb for its time. For a rather obscure game, it was (and is) one of the best games ever. I still haven't gotten around to play the others in the series, but I've seen playthroughs on You Tube. The third was byfar the most interesting in terms of baddies...the Teddy is the most epic, fooling the player into a false sense of security and then giving the player a nice little shock. Another interesting thing about the Teddy that I've noticed is that his clawed hands look to be the ones pointing the player in the right direction. Even more interesting, but perhaps a bit off topic, is in the movie Ginger Snaps 2. In the vent passages, there are stickers pointing which way to go that look suspiciously like the Teddy's claws. If it is indeed s reference to the game, it's quite fitting as both series are quite screwed up. I'd better stop this review before it turns into a book...
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